The topography of the places where people got injuries

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2014-02-18. Clutches

Immediately, after the breakthrough of Instytutska and Shovkovychna cross the police cruelly beat up many people and caused a crush in the narrow passage of the barricade. Five participants of the meeting were killed or lethally wounded – Ivan Nakonechnyi, Anatolii Nechyporenko, Antonina Dvorianets, Zurab Khurtsiia, Yakiv Zaiko. In Kyiv metro was stopped, and common ultimatum from Security Service of Ukraine and Ministry of Interior of Ukraine about dispersal of Euromaidan was announced.

2014-02-18. Perevisyshche

At about 17:00 on 18th of February large-scale preparation for assault of Maidan started. Authorities brought all the possible means into play: law machinery, administrative resources, criminal world ("titushky"). Realization of common ultimatum of Yakymenko O. (Security Service of Ukraine) and Zakharchenko V. (Ministry of Interior of Ukraine), which was proclaimed earlier, was postponed from 18:00 to 19:50. Maidan was trapped.

2014-02-18. 'Boomerang'

Aannotation at the translation stage.

2014-02-18. The murder of Vasiltsov and Veremiy on Velyka Zhytomyrska str.

In the evening of 18th February the “special operation” carried out by the Security Service of Ukraine with Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (police) has began. It involved clearing and isolation of protesters (supporters of Euromaidan) in the central part of Kyiv. In this context one of the most strategically important places in the city center became the intersection of Velyka Zhytomyrska Street and Volodymyrska Street. Two civil people were killed there by “titushki” that evening.

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